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Mill Liners

REMA TIP TOP prides itself on the manufacture and supply of mill liners. All our mill lining products are made to the highest quality specifications. Specific formulated compounds are available to suit any of the customers' requirements.

Companies are always looking for ways to save time and money. What better way than to give our client a REMAMILL System?

REMA TIP TOP individually designs each of the Lining systems catering to a customer's specific requirements.

They are quicker and safer to install than steel liners

There are environmental benefits, such as noise reduction - 50% less noise than steel liners.

Less downtime, more productivity - No maintenance or patch installations.

The features of the REMAMILL System are able to increase efficiency, decrease downtime and increase productivity, thus saving the client Time and Money.

This approach is taken to all the types of mills that are found in the market.

AG Mills
SAG Mills
Ball Mills
Pebble Mills
Washing Drums
De-barking Drums

Modular Screen Panels Mining Industry

Modular screening media “Polyurethane Panels” have been used in the mining industry for the last 40 years. The standard size panels used in the industry are 305x305x31thk. PU panels get used on all mining operations i.e. coal, gold, diamonds, chrome etc. Modular screens are commonly used for the following applications: Sizing, Dewatering, Scalping, Drain and Rinse etc.

There are three different types of aperture panels that we offer to clients.

1. Slotted aperture panel
2. VR aperture panel
3. Square aperture panel

There is a noise reduction when using Rubber Modular Panels and it also decreases installation time.

There is a noise reduction when using Rubber Modular Panels and it also decreases installation time.

Our products reduce consumable spend as the client only needs to replace the high wear areas.

By entering the market we have created an alternative screening supplier which is Brand Backed.

Furthermore we have Woven Wire Screens:

High Carbon Woven Wire Screens
Turn up hooks for heavy wires
Welded metal turn up – C hook
Single Metal turn ups thick wire