Products - Material Processing


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Materials Include:

The use of a range of high tensile textile cord-fabrics & Ultra high tensile steel-corded fabrics

Widest possible range of integrally built-in couplings designed to meet the needs of specific applications.

Rubber engineering with a range of elastomers that can be compounded to customers exacting specifications.

Tailor Made Hoses for Specialist Applications

Dredge Suction & Delivery Hose
Ceramic Lined Hose and Bends
Pinch Valves
Concentric / Eccentric Reducers
Customised Fabrications
Furnace Coolant Hoses
Bunkering Hose
Backfill Cementation Hose
Fuel and Oil Handling Hose
Oxygen Lancing Hose
Gripon Couplings

Inner Liner:

The Liner forms the basis of any hose.

It is a impermeable barrier with many possible characteristics.

These characteristics are determined by the end use of the actual hose.

The choice of the material is based on the possible physical, chemical and thermal influences on the liner.

Steel Reinforcement:

The Steel Wire Helix is a reinforcement which imparts added strength or suction ability to the hose.

Textile Reinforcement:

The Textile Reinforcement imparts the required string stroke pressure capabilities of the hose.

The final strength of the hose is determined by the requirements of the working application.

The textile reinforcement can be braided, knitted, wound or weaved.


The Cover is mainly a protective layer to withstand weathering and abrasion depending on use.