Our Services


REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions provides material flow investigations, including the identification of bottlenecks and equipment layout optimization.

RTT Consulting solutions also assist clients in determining optimal layouts of plant and materials handling equipment, detailed design and selection of new bulk materials handling systems and equipment as well as design verification and design audits of materials handling systems.

RTT's team of experts delivers the highest level of supervisory assistance with commissioning (where required), technical support to Client supply chain departments, Internal project management, Internal tender review, investment payback analysis, and investment reviews.


RTT Consulting Solutions offers a diversified range of technical support through belt technical valuations at customers' sites; including fault finding (troubleshooting), site inspections, reporting, FMS / surveys, conveyor belt documentation and specifications.

RTT Consulting Solutions develops splicing and warranty documentation and conduct research and development of new products, splicing methods.

RTT also does detailed conveyor audit, containing mechanical design review, site inspection and report, and Assist clients with advice towards short term fixes and the establishment of longer-term maintenance plans coupled with documentation of 'Best Practice' and assistance with the establishment of training manuals. Resolving operational problems experienced at the mines related to materials handling, and review of the design and/or condition of conveyors and report accordingly.


REMA TIP TOP Consulting Solutions provides a comprehensive training in maintenance and operation of belt conveyor systems. The training can be undertaken at our training foundation workshop or at the client's premises.

RTT offers Hands-on technical training such as Hot splicing, cold splicing, steel cord splicing and pulley lagging to help ensure your bulk material handling systems and equipment provides the site condition you need today and into the future.


RTT Consulting Service strives to offer tailor-made technical solutions to customers through Global support for conveyor belt systems. That is, we support business development with service portfolio for customers by ensuring that all customers have the required conveyor belt systems resources – people and equipment as well as their efficient distribution.

RTT also offers Technical support in setting up service stations and ensure the maintenance of the belt service equipment. We provide Service contracts Management while following the Ukusebenza principle; a method of processing tenders/enquiries and setting up sites.


RTT monitoring systems are versatile, rugged, reliable, and suitable for remote locations not frequented by maintenance personnel.

A strong team of monitoring systems experts provide the highest level of technical support through MONITORING SYSTEMS installation, Fault finding – repair and reporting.

With the unprecedented speed of technological advancement RTT constantly keeps its Technology (RTT Tech) up to date as well as our Product Training.

RTT also provides support through internal and external up to date product documentation, Warranty documentation, Data Packs.