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Everything for tyres and wheels REMA TIP TOP, the world's leading manufacturer of tyre repair systems, delivers innovative products and service packages that make your work processes easier. A balanced program of high-quality repair materials, tools and vulcanizing equipment for almost all types of tyres and damages ensures long-lasting repairs.

Workshop Equipment

Complete Program With Comprehensive Services Fitting, balancing, washing, lifting - REMA TIP TOP offers its customers a complete program consisting of its own products, selected commercial goods and comprehensive services. You profit from a differentiated product portfolio that time and time again sets new quality standards while simultaneously making available to you a unique worldwide sales and service network that operates with experienced long-term partners.

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Service Concepts

Tyre repair systems for highest safety requirements As a systems provider with more than 80 years of experience in the development and manufacturer of tyre repair systems, REMA TIP TOP meets the highest safety requirements at all times.

Our new tyre repair concepts currently encompass two areas. Firstly, our Master Tyre Repair Model (MTR) ensures the ongoing training of repair staff. Secondly, in the Off the Road (OTR) area, we offer training programs around the world. This guarantees our customers optimum use of tyres right up to the very end of the life cycle.

OTR Off The Road 
MTR Master Tyre Repair


Large and differentiated product portfolio

Larger wheel diameters, smaller tyre cross-sections and more and more complex vehicles require that increasingly more attention is paid to valves and weights. In the area of consumables, you profit from a large and differentiated product portfolio and optimal advice by highly experienced experts.


Rema Tip Top Automotive's New RemaVulc Line Of Tyre Repair Components

Rema Tip Top Automotive have launched a new range of cost effective components for bag system vulcanising under the name 'RemaVulc'.

The new RemaVulc range of bag system vulcanising components are designed to handle the toughest workshop environments and give a superior service life. The comprehensive range includes a variety of heat pads, air bags and harnesses to suit any tyre repair need. Our extensive selection covers repairs to truck, agricultural, OTR and Ultra OTR tyres and is totally compatible with other bag and strap systems.

The RemaVulc components give the user the freedom to execute both two stage and one stage repairs. During two stage repair, the curing is first done on the outer repair plug and followed by the second stage where, after preparation, the application of a chemical patch occurs on the inside. Because of the additional steps, this process is time consuming and leads to downtime. One stage repair allows the user to cure the outer plug and inner patch areas simultaneously, significantly reducing downtime resulting in additional cost savings.

Benefits and Features

Rema Tip Top Automotive undertakes extensive research and development of its products. All RemaVulc components are manufactured in-house ensuring sustainability, traceability and consistent quality. This system is CE certified by Bureau Veritas

The REMAVULC tyre repair system is extremely cost effective, in the initial capex outlay.

The REMAVULC tyre repair system cures the plug and patch simultaneously, minimizing down time.

The REMAVULC tyre repair system offers the most comprehensive range of heatpads, airbags and harnesses to cater for truck, agricultural, OTR and Ultra OTR tyres.

The REMAVULC tyre repair system allows you to purchase the consumables only required for your tyre range - Additional components can be purchased as and when your tyre repair needs change.

REMAVULC Tyre Repair System Components

REMA TIP TOP offers the most comprehensive range of heat pads, air bags and harnesses to suit any tyre repair need.Our extensive selection covers all tyre sizes on the market.


Air bags are constructed with double heat resistant covers over the bladder for protection.


Heat pads consist of elements imbedded in rubber designed to handle high temperatures and maintain flexibility.


Harnesses are manufactured with strength and durability in mind and to reduce corrugation and even out pressure distribution over the repair area.